What is Sa Re Ga Ma ?

What is Sa Re Ga Ma ?

In india, music Ragas may consist of up to seven pitches or simply sounds.
These are in hindi (an Indian language) is called “Swara”.
There are 7 Swara in Sargam and each of these swara has a name

Sadj (Sa) सा

Risabha(Ri) रे

Gandhar (Ga) गा

Madhyam (Ma) मा

Pancham (Pa) पा

Dhaivat (Dha) धा

Nishad (Ni) नी

The European or western equivalent version of these swaras is as follows:

Sa – do

Ri – re

Ga – mi

Ma – fa

Pa – so

Dha – la

Ni – ti

Each Swara is also associated with sound representations:

Sa – Peacock’s cry

Ri – Cow calling her calf

Ga – Goat’s bleat

Ma – Heron’s cry

Pa – Cuckoo’s song

Dha – Horse’s neigh

Ni – Elephant’s trumpeting.

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